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Puncom is India's premier Telecom and IT equipment and solution provider company having successfully supplied and implemented a host of state-of-the-art Telecom, Software and integrated turnkey solutions across the country.

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Puncom manufactures a broad range of state-of-the-art transmission products catering to the diverse requirements of a vast clietnele.


VMUX - primary add/drop multiplexer

Puncom’s 2Mbps state-of-the-art 4 channle/8 channel Add-Drop multiplexer VMux provides full range of managed voice and data services to subscribers located at different locations.

  • Provides variety of Voice interfaces which includes E&M(2W/4W) , FXO , FXS, Loop I/C,  Loop O/G   and Hotline interface upto 8 channels per card.
  • Provides variety of Data interfaces which includes 64 kbps G.703 upto 8 channels, Low bit rate  per card asynchronous/synchronous data ( V.24 , V.35 , V.11 and X.21 interface) 4 channels per card  and Nx64 K data where  N= 1 to 30..
  • Loop protection feature..
  • Conferencing support upto 4 parties
  • Ethernet based NMS.

Multiplexers are being used in Indian Railways networks  and PGCIL networks.

To Download the Brochure for VMUX Click here


Power Line Carrier Communication

PLCC  is a new generation equipment for transmission and reception of Speech, FAX, RTU data, and tele-protection signals in frequency range of 32 KHz to 508 KHz over high voltage overhead transmission lines of Electric utilities such as Power Grid Corporation, state electricity boards etc .Puncom has executed a large number of PLCC projects all over India.

  • 10/20 or 40WPEP power at line output
  • Compliant with relevant ITU-T, IEC, and IS standards.
  • Fully complies to the relevant EMI & EMC specifications

 To Download the Brochure for PL - 9500 Click here

Line Matching Unit

Puncom's Line Matching Unit PCD 1400(P-P/P-E) is designed to provide high level of safety and protection of the powerline carrier equipment

      • It provides phase to phase or phase to earth coupling
      • It provides optimum impedance matching for full band
      • It provide high level of safety for field staff.
      • Fully complies to the relevant IEC/IS specifications

To Download the Brochure for LMU Click here



Puncom also has strategic tie-ups with world-renowned telecom majors like Tejas Networks for SDH range of products. STM-1/4/16 provide modular and flexible configuration within a single mechanical housing as Terminal multiplexer, Add-Drop multiplexer or a regenerator. Puncom has major contribution in establishing nationwide optical backbone of Indian railways(TEJAS make SDH) & BSNL(HUAWEI makes DWDM) for providing wide range of integrated solutions base on STM1/4/16 & DWDM equipments. Puncom has also  executed the prestigious Indian Railways pan India RAILTEL project in association with Alcatel.

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