Punjab Communications Limited


Puncom is India's premier Telecom and IT equipment and solution provider company having successfully supplied and implemented a host of state-of-the-art Telecom, Software and integrated turnkey solutions across the country.

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Names of Directors Official Relationship with the Company
Sh. Alok Shekhar, IAS Chairman
Sh. Rajat Agarwal, IAS Sr. Vice Chairman & MD
Sh. V P Chandan, IRSSE Independent Director
Smt.Neena Singh Independent Director
Sh. J.S.Bhatia
Sh. Satinder Pal Singh Independent Director
Sh. Moti Ram Sharma Independent Director


Telecom Products

Easy to start

Large pool of experienced technical manpower.                 Strong infrastructure & manufacturing experience.            Top level tech support.

Information Technology

Modern Design

State of art infrastructure.            Access to top level technology.      Experienced manpower & industry recognition.

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