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Puncom is India's premier Telecom and IT equipment and solution provider company having successfully supplied and implemented a host of state-of-the-art Telecom, Software and integrated turnkey solutions across the country.

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Puncom is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility spread over 1,90,000 sq. feet in Mohali, Chandigarh. Puncom's telecommunication infrastructure  includes:    


SMT Pick n Place

  • SMT Pick & Place Fuji Aimex IIS
  • Chip on board BGA flip chip,ultra fine pitch.
  • Fine pitch placement upto 10 mil.
  • Max 130 feeder slots (Electronic Intelligent Feeders), Tray Exchanger
  • Component coplanarity Check
  • CPH CHIP-25000, Fine Pitch - 5000


Reflow Oven

  • Electrovert model omniflo 10.
  • Upper and lower heating.
  • Cooling zone.
  • Forced Air Convection Type.
  • 6 point thermal profiling.
  • Thermal profile storage:1000.


Solder Paste Screen Printer

  • Solder Paste Screen Printer NEO Horizon 03ix.
  • Solder paste and glue Screen Printing
  • Frame size max upto 29"X29"
  • Print speed upto 2mm to 300mm/sec
  • System alignment capacity ± 12.5 micron @6Sigma, Upto cpk>/=2
  • Cycle Time = 8 Sec + Process



  • Single and Double.Wave, No Clean Flux
  • Temperature Controlled Pre heaters and Solder bath


Environmental Test Chamber

  • Bump Test Machine.
  • Environmental Test Chamber.
  • Vibration Machine.



  • One of the most modern manufacturing technology in north of India.
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Testing Equipment

Spectrum Analyzers, Data Analyzers, Logic Analyzers, Power Meters, Synthesized Source, Selective Level Meter, Telecom Analyzer, Network Analyzer, Optical Spectrum Analyzer, Pulse Tone Generator, Audio Power Meter, Microwave Link Analyzer.


Stress Testers

High voltage AC/DC tester, Environmental chambers, Bump/Vibration testers




Telecom Products

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Large pool of experienced technical manpower.                 Strong infrastructure & manufacturing experience.            Top level tech support.

Information Technology

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State of art infrastructure.            Access to top level technology.      Experienced manpower & industry recognition.

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